After claiming that ‘middle-class’ food shortages are ‘Bonkers,’ a Brexit-bashing tweet was mercilessly mocked.


After claiming that ‘middle-class’ food shortages are ‘Bonkers,’ a Brexit-bashing tweet was mercilessly mocked.

BREXITEER Paul Embery made a great joke on Twitter after a Twitter user criticised the UK’s food shortages.

Mr Embery criticized Vittoria Gallagher for claiming she couldn’t locate aubergines, lentils, or feta in the tweet, which he characterized as “middle-class.” “I went to the grocery store this morning,” Ms Gallagher explained. Lemons, chilies, parsley, spring onions, aubergines, cumin, almonds, bottled water, feta, halloumi, basil, soy sauce, and risotto rice are all unavailable.

“In the meantime, Dad is fine in Belgium, and Mum is fine in Italy.

“What could this possibly be?” says the narrator.

She then added a hashtag to the tweet, blaming Brexit for the supply scarcity at her grocer.

“I guess I’ve stumbled into the most middle-class tweet ever,” Mr Embery responded.

Dr. Mike Galsworthy, a pro-EU Brexit analyst, instantly picked up on his response.

“And what do you propose we do with the British middle-class, Paul?” Dr Galsworthy responded.

“For daring to ask for lemons and spring onions in Brexit Britain, line them up against a wall and shoot them?

“Because, as we all know, British working-class people never want to be chefs or cook or enjoy excellent food.

“And because the British working class is predominantly white, they would never eat a chilli, aubergine, or any other foreign dish.

“Doesn’t everyone in the working class adore the post-WWII diet, Paul?”

Mr. Embery immediately answered, saying, “These folks are truly insane.”

While some have blamed food shortages on Brexit, others have stated that the virus has significantly hampered supply systems.

Due to a tiny number of Covid cases, China shuttered the Ningbo port for two weeks earlier this month.

The port of Ningbo is the world’s third busiest, and experts have warned that any further supply chain concerns might jeopardize the already fragile trade situation.

Vietnam was forced to close its facilities in the south, which are among the busiest apparel production centers in the world, earlier this month.

See the most recent Covid vaccine statistics below, and go to InYourArea for the most recent Covid vaccine news.

“With Covid affecting all provinces in Vietnam, the situation is so unprecedentedly unclear that purchasers must adopt a Plan B or C, including outsourcing manufacturing to another country,” said Vu Ngoc Khiem of Global Sources.

Joe Biden also announced plans to collaborate with experts to address supply chain concerns earlier this month.


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