After China’s nuclear threat, Japan has demanded a worldwide response to ensure Taiwan’s “survival.”


After China’s nuclear threat, Japan has demanded a worldwide response to ensure Taiwan’s “survival.”

JAPAN appears to have overlooked Beijing’s nuclear threats, instead calling for the world to unify and safeguard Taiwan’s “survival” from an expansionist China.

Japan’s defense minister has encouraged the international community to be alert in order to safeguard Taiwan’s “survival.” China’s military is encircling the island, according to a Japanese minister. Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s younger brother, Nobuo Kishi, has urged on the world to unify to prevent Taiwan’s future from being decided by military conflict with Beijing.

The Japanese official’s forthright remarks are a departure from Tokyo’s usual policy of avoiding public discussion of Taiwan Strait issues.

Japan has now published a defense white paper that specifically mentions Taiwan.

When it comes to tensions in the Taiwan Strait, the white paper emphasizes the need for a greater “feeling of crisis.”

The entire military balance between China and Taiwan is now “tilting to China’s favor,” according to this defense study.

“We’re seeing various actions by China that aim to encircle Taiwan,” Mr Kishi said. Mr Kishi’s harsh remarks come after the Chinese Communist Party released a film warning Japan of a nuclear reaction and “full-scale war” if Tokyo intervened in China’s treatment of Taiwan.

According to Fox News, the video, which was broadcast on a Chinese government-approved station, warned, “We will use nuclear bombs first.”

“We will continue to employ nuclear weapons.

“We will continue to do so until Japan proclaims unconditional surrender for the second time,” the warning says, as Chinese military planes fly over Taiwan’s south-western coast on a regular basis.

China has dispatched jets and bombers over Taiwan’s southern point and into airspace off the island’s shore.

Earlier this year, Chinese military jets flew operations over the northern half of Taiwan’s east coast.

Naval warships have been seen off Taiwan’s eastern coast as part of China’s military’s encirclement of the island.

In a publicity photo, the Japanese minister may be seen peering over the 110-kilometer strait that divides Taiwan from Japan’s westernmost island of Yonaguni.

This was regarded as Japan’s statement that the only way to ensure peace in the Taiwan Strait was for the international community, including Japan, to demand it.

“Rather than a direct military.” Brinkwire Summary News, Mr Kishi told the Financial Times.


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