After capturing a knife-wielding man, the Tesla camera saves the owner’s life.


After capturing a knife-wielding man, a Tesla camera saves the owner’s life.

When the driver was about to exit his vehicle, the vehicle’s camera caught a glimpse of a stranger holding a sharp blade in his left hand, ostensibly trying to hide it from view.

After a man with a knife approached the driver’s door, a Tesla car saved its owner’s life.

Cedric, a driver from Richmond, Virginia, recorded the dangerous encounter and shared it on his TikTok account.

On the video footage, a masked man approaches Cedric’s car, walks past the front and around to the driver’s door.

Cedric explains that he was about to exit his vehicle when he noticed the stranger holding a knife in his left hand on the car’s camera.

The armed man then began a conversation with Cedric, while the driver remained inside his vehicle, before the armed man walked away a few seconds later.

“Happened on campus,” he captioned the video.

For a while, I was shaken.

“I called the cops after that.”

“For those who are asking, the guy came up to me and asked if my car was a Maserati, and I couldn’t understand what he said after that,” Cedric explained.

“I saw the knife first and put the car in reverse in case he did something, but he just walked away.”

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“I double-checked that he was okay, then went inside and dialed the campus police.”

“When I returned to the car after the call to save the footage, I noticed officers patrolling the area.”

TikTok users seized the opportunity to praise Tesla for its excellent public relations.

“This is the best Tesla commercial I’ve ever seen,” one person commented, while another added, “Car paid for itself today.”


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