After bringing a baby to the Commons, an MP causes a ruckus.


After bringing a baby to the Commons, an MP causes a ruckus.

LABOUR MEMBER After revealing that her 13-week-old son has been barred from the Commons, Stella Creasy has sparked a raging debate on whether babies should be brought to work.

Ms Creasy, 44, received a formal reprimand for wearing her infant in a sling during a parliamentary debate. Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle appointed a committee of MPs to evaluate the regulations after she complained.

Conservative MP Scott Benton, on the other hand, questioned why she needed to bring her son in.

“Parents who earn a fraction of what you do pay for childcare and juggle duties so they can go to work,” he informed her.

Sir Lindsay believes it is “very vital” for parents to be able to actively engage in the House’s activities, which is why the House includes a nursery. He then requested that the Commons Procedure Committee “investigate this matter.” “Some of these regulations will be revisited,” Ms Creasy added, “to enable parenting and politics viable to mix.”

The Walthamstow MP has already spoken in front of the House of Commons while carrying one of her two children. She was sworn in after the 2019 election while carrying her baby Hettie. However, after presenting with her son at Westminster Hall on Tuesday, she received an email from Dame Eleanor Laing, the chairman of the ways and means committee’s private secretary.

What’s going on in your neighborhood? You can find out by entering your postcode or going to the website. InYourArea It said that having the kid with her violated “behaviour and courtesies” guidelines.

Despite the fact that Pip was witnessed behaving “as good as gold” during the argument, she received the warning.

“I have a 13-week-old baby and it’s not viable to leave him for any amount of time because he’s breastfeeding,” Ms Creasy, who has no maternity cover, told Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour.

“It’s not rocket science why our parliament has so few women of childbearing age and women with little children.”

Jo Swinson, the former Liberal Democrat leader, is thought to have been the first MP to bring her baby into the parliament during a discussion in 2018.


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