After Brexit, Kevin McCloud admitted to having “freedom from European limitations.”


After Brexit, Kevin McCloud admitted to having “freedom from European limitations.”

According to a discovered source, KEVIN MCCLOUD admitted that Brexit will provide the UK “independence from European restraints.”

Tonight, the 62-year-old designer and TV host returns to British television for a new season of “Grand Designs.” People try to build the home of their dreams under Kevin’s careful eye in this popular series. The broadcaster meets a couple in south Devon who are preparing to create an art-inspired home in the most recent episode. Joe and his wife Claire came up with the design for the massive mansion, which is 70 meters long and overlooks a valley.

In the show, Joe acknowledges that their goal was to build “one of the nicest residences on the planet.”

Kevin is no stranger to lofty goals, having built his own real estate business.

The host has also discussed the impact of Brexit on his own commercial interests as well as those of the building sector as a whole.

Kevin recognized the possible benefits of Britain’s leaving from the EU on homebuilding in the UK, according to recently uncovered statements revealed by This website from 2018.

“A release from some of the constraints imposed by Europe, if anything, will be a positive,” he said.

However, the designer has issued a warning about the possible detrimental effects of Brexit on his profession.

In 2019, he blamed Brexit for “delays and problems” at his site in Kings Worthy, Hampshire, as well as “project overruns.”

Kevin’s company, Happiness Architecture Beauty (HAB), issued an apology for the problems.

It stated in a statement that a “Brexit-fueled construction crisis” had driven up building costs and depleted the availability of trained employees in the UK.

Kevin also apologized and explained the construction concerns on his own.

“As a SME (small and medium-sized firm) housebuilder, we’ve been hit hard by skyrocketing costs and a building skills shortage – both of which have been worsened by Brexit uncertainty and the pound’s fall,” he said.

“Of course, Brexit is no excuse for the bad service provided to citizens.

“I’m close to finalizing a contract to bring in new partners with the knowledge and financial resources to help HAB achieve something we can be proud of.

“I am optimistic that I will be able to make that statement very soon.

“I apologize for the delays and inconveniences that have occurred.

“Things haven’t been completed in a timely manner. “Brinkwire Summary News.” I share our residents’ frustrations.


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