After Boris is accused of insulting civil servants, Raab screams, “Hopeless skewering!”


After Boris is accused of insulting civil servants, Raab screams, “Hopeless skewering!”

DEPUTY Prime Minister Dominic Raab slammed Boris Johnson and defended him after the Prime Minister was accused of being the reason for a large number of top civil servants resigning.

Boris Johnson was accused of insulting civil servants during his CBI speech, and Dominic Raab was accused of being the reason many top advisors have left over the years.

Amol Rajan of BBC Radio 4 read out a damning list of high-ranking civil servants who have resigned in recent years after allegedly clashing with the Prime Minister.

Mr Raab appeared enraged by the assault and vehemently denied any animosity between government employees and Boris Johnson.

Mr Rajan grilled Mr Raab on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme about the Prime Minister’s “attack” on civil servants during his speech to the CBI.

Mr Johnson claimed that no Whitehall official could have created Peppa Pig during his tirade, which made Mr Rajan wonder why he was trying to humiliate officials in this way.

“The median pay for a civil servant in this country is £28,180, and they had to listen to the Prime Minister denigrating them in order to make sense of Peppa Pig,” he told Mr Raab.

“He said it’s the kind of thing that no one in Whitehall or a civil servant could think of, and you do seem to lose your top servants, don’t you?”

“Cabinet Secretary Mark Sedwill, Home Office Permanent Secretary Sir Philip Ruttman, Justice Minister Richard Heaton, and Chief Legal Adviser Jonathan Jones have all left.”

“Alex Allan, who resigned from his position as an independent advisor on standards after his report on Priti Patel was partially disregarded.

“What is it about your government and its leader that makes all of these career vets leave?”

Mr Raab seemed annoyed by the question, calling it a “hopelessly skewering and distorted account.”

Mr Johnson, according to the Tory frontbencher, has been the most supportive of the emergency services and civil service, and he has heard nothing but praise from employees.

Mr Raab then wanted to clarify Mr Johnson’s point about the private sector’s creativity and power in coming up with innovative ideas that can be used to improve things.

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