After being “sold a dead man’s t-shirt,” an enraged Primark shopper requests a refund.


After being “sold a dead man’s t-shirt,” an enraged Primark shopper requests a refund.

Carrie, from Edinburgh, was shocked to learn that a £1.50 white t-shirt she purchased from Primark could have belonged to an 85-year-old man who died in 2020.

After claiming that she was sold a dead man’s t-shirt, an angry Primark buyer has demanded a recall.

Carrie, from Edinburgh, paid £1.50 for a plain white slim-fit blouse from the clothes retailer to go to her new work, only to be shocked when she found out the next day.

The frightened purchaser reportedly spotted an irritating tag after an usual day wearing the top, which upon investigation was linked to the official Primark label with a man’s name on it, according to The Mirror.

Carrie describes the moment she Googled the man’s name and found he was deceased in a TikTok video.

“So we Googled his name and found out he was a deceased man.” She raged, “I also googled the hospital on the small tag – it’s a dementia ward.”

Carrie came across a death notice on Family Announcements and discovered that the guy, Thomas Hay, died at Fraserburgh Hospital in 2020 at the age of 85, according to the Scottish Sun.

The’scared’ consumer is now demanding that Primark look into the matter, as she wants to know how she ended up with a t-shirt that purportedly belonged to an ex-fisherman.

“I simply want to know why Primark sent me a dead man’s T-shirt and what I’m supposed to do with it,” Carrie stated.

TikTok detectives eventually uncovered that the t-shirt wasn’t even from the 2021 fashion season, but was scheduled to be released in 2019.

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“Tag also reads SS19 which suggests it was from spring summer collection 2019,” one person speculated.

“We will look into this if the consumer wishes to contact customer services, and we’ll be more than delighted to assist her,” a Primark spokeswoman stated.


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