After being imprisoned, a whining thug asks the judge, “Are you going to look after my mother?”


After being imprisoned, a whining thug asks the judge, “Are you going to look after my mother?”

After being sentenced to prison for assaulting a cab driver, a screaming thug begged a judge, “Are you going to look after my mother?”

As he was being held in custody for his role in the brutal attack on the cabbie, David Meehan, 39, screamed from the dock. In his wrath, the criminal was “immediately disrespectful” to the cab driver, punching him and throwing coins at him.

After the judge heard about his 13 previous convictions for 23 offenses, he was sentenced to 20 months in prison at Bolton Crown Court yesterday.

“In your pre-sentence report, you are still diminishing what happened,” Judge Graeme Smith said as he sentenced the thug.

“Are you going to look after my mother, she can’t look after herself?” Meehan exclaimed.

“You’re not going to accomplish anything,” says the narrator.

Following a wake, Meehan and his friend Anthony Greenall, 39, allegedly called Bluestar Taxis to fetch them up from a location in Wigan, Greater Manchester, in the early hours of June 14, 2019.

A coworker had warned the victim about the men after he had picked them up earlier in the night after they had been thrown out of a club.

The taxi driver also testified in court that he smelled alcohol on both guys.

Prosecutor Adam Watkins told the court that the victim requested £3.50 up front because he was concerned that the guys might depart without paying.

However, Meehan said, “Take us home, you black cab driver,” and Greenall yelled, “You must take us home, or you’re f***ed.”

Mr Watkins claimed that the driver responded by telling the men that if they didn’t behave, he wouldn’t take them anywhere.

Meehan then began punching the driver in the face and torso, but the victim was able to escape out of the vehicle.

The men then pursued them. While both guys shouted threats at him, Meehan hoisted a wine bottle above his head, as if going to attack the driver.

Greenall, a father of one, then ripped a windscreen wiper from a neighboring car and slammed it into the victim, knocking his spectacles off in the process.

Meanwhile, Meehan reached inside the victim’s taxi and pulled out a handful of coins, which he then hurled at him.

Mr Watkins told the court that one of the males also kicked the driver’s door, destroying the wing mirror in the process.

The victim bolted again, and both men pursued him; Meehan gave up immediately, while Greenall persisted. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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