After being freed from jail, a convicted murderer sexually abuses two young girls.


After being freed from jail, a convicted murderer sexually abuses two young girls.


Karl Golds, 55, groomed, tormented, and manipulated his victims for years, forcing them to repeat their misery by testifying at a trial. Despite his denials of heinous crimes of sexual abuse, he was sentenced to 25 years in jail on Tuesday.

Golds perpetrated the crimes in the 2000s, according to Manchester Crown Court, and it took “years for his victims to realize what had happened to them.”

According to the Manchester Evening News, one of the victims hoped that going to court would “transform her life for the better.”

Following a trial, Golds was found guilty of a range of sexual offenses against two young girls, including rape, indecent assault, sexual conduct with a child, inducing and inciting sexual activity with a child, and causing a child to see a sexual act.

The sex offender from Manchester was given a Sexual Harm Prevention Order and a restraining order, as well as being forced to sign the Sex Offenders Register for the rest of his life.

“It has taken years for his victims to grasp what happened to them and how appallingly they were abused,” said Howard Gough of the Crown Prosecution Service.

“In a final act of cowardice, Golds forced them both to relive their ordeal by testifying in court.

“They were afraid that their overwhelming evidence would not be believed, but the jury determined it to be the truth of what had happened, and we thank them for achieving a just judgement in this tragic case.

“These young women have showed incredible persistence and bravery, and we appreciate their trust in us to handle their case.

“They have probably protected others from abuse, and they should serve as an inspiration to anyone who has experienced similar violence and is afraid to speak up.

“One of the victims stated that she believed that coming to court would improve her life.

“We sincerely hope this is true, and they should be proud and empowered as a result.

“Gold’s second young victim described his not guilty plea as his final act of defiance.

“As he begins his prison sentence for the terrible crimes he committed on them, that control is now firmly in the hands of these women.”


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