After being convicted of Sarah Everard’s murder, Wayne Couzens was fired from the Met Police.


After being convicted of Sarah Everard’s murder, Wayne Couzens was fired from the Met Police.

The Metropolitan Police have fired PC WAYNE COUZENS, who was convicted of the kidnap, rape, and murder of Sarah Everard.

Ms Everard, 33, vanished in early March while heading home from a friend’s house. Couzens, a member of the Metropolitan Police’s parliamentary and diplomatic protection branch, pled guilty to all three offences.

On September 29, he will be sentenced for his crimes.

Couzens was fired from the Metropolitan Police without cause on Friday, following a hearing presided over by Assistant Commissioner (AC) Helen Bell.

His activities were found to be in violation of the police Standards of Professional Behaviour addressing discreditable behaviour, according to the hearing.

“Couzens has compromised everything we, the police, stand for, and I have terminated him today as a result of his guilty pleas and convictions,” AC Ball said.

“The acts of this individual have shocked, sickened, and enraged all of us at the Met.

“Sarah was a young woman whose life was unjustly taken from her.

“I know she will be sadly missed by so many people, and our hearts go out to her family. We apologise profusely.”

Due to the ongoing criminal proceedings against Couzens, AC Ball ruled that his hearing should be place in secret.

Following consultations with the Crown Prosecution Service, the decision was taken.

Couzens pleaded guilty to the kidnapping and rape of Ms Everard on June 8.

On July 9, he pled guilty to her assassination.

Ms Everard was abducted on March 3 while walking from a friend’s residence near Clapham Junction to her home in Brixton.

Her boyfriend, whom she was supposed to meet the next day, reported her missing the next day.

Couzens, 48, was detained on suspicion of kidnapping on March 9 at his residence.

Human remains were discovered in a huge builder’s bag near Ashford, Kent, on March 10.

Using dental data, the deceased was identified as Ms Everard two days later.

A post-mortem report issued on June 1 indicated she died from “neck compression.”

Ms Everard was a marketing executive with a Durham University education.

Shortly before her murder, she had started a new work with a marketing agency.

Before the kidnapping, Couzens and his victim were “total strangers.”

On March 13, police sparked outrage when they broke up a vigil for Ms Everard on Clapham Common, citing violations of coronavirus laws.

The Duchess of Cambridge had paid her respects earlier in the day, observing. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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