After battering her to death, the couple ‘tried to have sex with her body.’


Half-naked Rhoderie Estrada was found dead and covered in blood at her Toronto home by distraught husband Gerald Aquintey after Yostin Murillo, 22, and David Beak, 23, unleashed their sickening attack

With a compassionate personality and an empathy for others, it was clear that Rhoderie Estrada was doing exactly what she was destined to do with her life – care for those around her.

Rhoderie, 41, had been married to husband Gerald Aquintey for 15 years and they had three daughters, aged 14, 12, and 10.

She was a devoted mother who was the centre of the family. She fussed around her girls at their two-storey house in East York, Toronto.

In 2018, the family were having their basement renovated as they endeavoured to complete their perfect home. The house was where their eldest daughter had learnt to ride a bike, their middle child had learnt to walk and their youngest was born. And it was where Rhoderie hosted Christmas dinners and BBQs to welcome newly arrived immigrant families to Canada. It was a home full of love.

Known as “Dherie” by her friends and family, she loved supporting her husband as he realised his dream of running his own Filipino restaurant. And she was also a popular dialysis nurse at the St Joseph’s Health Centre, Toronto. Putting people at ease came naturally to Rhoderie and she could calm even the most stressed patients.

On 25 May 2018, Gerald had been working at his restaurant and later attended the grand opening of a friend’s restaurant.

He spoke to his wife at around 9pm and she said she was folding laundry and watching a Korean soap opera. After putting her girls to bed, it’s thought she went to sleep at about 10pm.

In the early hours of the next morning, at around 2am on 26 May, Gerald arrived back home. He was surprised to see the lights on. Rhoderie was a light sleeper and would usually unlatch the front door for Gerald – but he phoned her like they’d arranged, and she didn’t answer. He tried the doorbell, but she didn’t come down.

Gerald went around to the side door and saw it was open and that an interior door to the kitchen was hanging off its hinges. There were footprints leading up the stairs to the main bedroom in the renovation dust. Gerald was terrified at. Brinkwire presents summary news.


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