After averting an awkward wedding moment, Lady Louise Windsor acted “deftly.”


After averting an awkward wedding moment, Lady Louise Windsor acted “deftly.”

After a potentially uncomfortable moment in front of the TV cameras at Princess Eugenie’s wedding, Lady Louise Windsor was complimented for responding “quite skilfully.”

Due to their shared hobbies and the teenager’s personality, Lady Louise has been referred to as the Queen’s “favourite grandchild” in recent years.

On November 8, Princess Charlotte, Prince Edward and Sophie’s daughter, will be eighteen. When she reaches the milestone birthday, she, like their 13-year-old son James, will be allowed to choose whether or not to use the HRH title.

Due to her “patience” and babysitting skills with Princess Charlotte, she is said to have had a “huge impact” on the monarch in recent months.

Princess Eugenie’s wedding in 2018 was one of the first times the young princess was complimented for her gracious handling of potentially tough situations.

Ingrid Seward, a royal author and specialist, spoke to FEMAIL earlier this year about Prince Philip’s burial.

Because of their common love of carriage driving, Louise and her grandfather had a close relationship, and the young girl went out of her way to comfort her family in the days and weeks following the Duke of Edinburgh’s death.

“She has always been an asset to the family and very gracious, which the Queen loves,” Ms Seward said.

“Remember how, at Princess Eugenie’s wedding, she was helping the bridesmaids on the stairs of St George’s Chapel as they went inside, and her skirt blew up in the wind in front of the TV cameras?”

Louise was a special attendant in Princess Eugenie’s bridal party, and she had previously been a bridesmaid at Prince William and Kate’s wedding, riding in the same carriage as Prince Harry on the way to Buckingham Palace.

Prior to the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral, Louise was seen making a visit to the Queen.

She was also pictured walking over the grounds of Windsor Castle two days after Philip’s death to see the tributes left and thank estate workers for their support and hard work.

Louise’s own homage was maybe the most fitting of all.

She was photographed behind the wheel of the Duke’s carriage, which was drawn by his two favorite ponies, Balmoral Nevis and Notlaw Storm.

She will get his carriage and ponies, according to the Daily Mail, because they shared a passion for horses.

They were highlighted on the “Brinkwire Summary News” as a heartfelt homage to his love for the sport.


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