After authoring a romantic novel, Sarah Ferguson says, “I’ve gotten out of my own way.”


After authoring a romantic novel, Sarah Ferguson says, “I’ve gotten out of my own way.”

After authoring her first historical romance novel, the Duchess of York stated that she had finally found the true Sarah Ferguson.

Sarah Ferguson is a well-known author whose stories about Budgie the Helicopter and Little Red have pleased and entertained children. In addition to a biography, the former wife of Prince Andrew has published two factual books about Queen Victoria. She just chose to expand out into the historical romance genre, and her work, “Her Heart for a Compass,” is set to be released soon.

The 61-year-old royal revealed in an interview with People magazine that she had finally found her true self.

She explained, “It’s like I’ve gotten out of my own way.”

“I’ve completely transformed into Sarah. The Duchess has arrived. Fergie, too, is present.

“However, Sarah is truly present.”

Her journey to self-discovery was paved in great part by her study for her book about her ancestor Lady Margaret Douglas Scott.

“In researching her, I learned more about my own DNA, and I discovered that resilience, courage, and feeling of hope and optimism,” the Duchess explained.

The story revolves around Lady Margaret’s trips to Ireland and the United States.

In a January interview with People, the Duchess explained the book’s inspiration, saying, “I wanted to write a novel for years and years and was searching for the appropriate story.”

“I was researching my family history and came across the fact that we had the same middle name: Margaret is my middle name.

“Given the scarcity of information about her, it seemed like she’d be a great vessel for me to wrap my story around.”

“The novel refers to Lady Margaret’s journeys to Ireland and America, which in fact echo my own personal journeys,” she continued.

HarperCollins is set to release the 400-page novel on August 3rd.


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