After attempting to rescue his wife from the Taliban, a British man was left trapped in Kabul.


After attempting to rescue his wife from the Taliban, a British man was left trapped in Kabul.

After fleeing to Kabul to save his wife from the Taliban, a Briton has been stranded in Afghanistan.

On August 30, the United Kingdom completed its evacuation effort in Afghanistan, flying 15,000 people out of Kabul in two weeks. More than 7,000 people, however, remain stuck in the country, with the Taliban pressing them to stay.

To save his wife, a 24-year-old man travelled from Heathrow to Uzbekistan and then drove 19 hours into Afghanistan.

Because the man’s family has ties to the old Afghan military, the couple has gone into hiding.

He was attempting to arrange her documentation so she could settle in London after the couple married two years ago in Afghanistan.

While he was eligible for one of the last remaining flights, his wife was not given resettlement and, as a result, need a visa to enter the UK.

The technician told that he was concerned about his wife living under Taliban authority.

“When I saw how awful the situation was getting, I started to worry about my wife because of her family’s military connections,” the 24-year-old told the site.

“I talked to some of my buddies who were in the same boat as me and wanted to go collect their wife and children.

“We traveled nonstop for 19 hours, night and day, and then proceeded directly to the airport after meeting up with our family in Kabul.”

In the ISIS attack on Kabul’s airport on Thursday, the man claimed, ten acquaintances he made on his trip to Kabul died.

“We were there with other British people showing our documentation when there was a loud explosion,” he claimed.

“It was only a few meters away, and there were several dead bodies; my clothing were soaked with blood.

“There were ten of my pals who died there. We everyone raced away because there was gunfire, but when we returned, we couldn’t find another plane.

“Right now, my wife and I are stuck in Kabul since there are no flights out.

“We’re hiding and can only travel a few miles around her house because the Taliban are everywhere and halt automobiles. I’m afraid they’ll find something on me that proves I’m a British citizen.

“My wife is stuck here since she is unable to obtain a visa to return to the United States through Uzbekistan, while I am unable to do so.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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