After an interaction with a lone police officer in an unmarked car, the woman left’shaking like a leaf.’


After an interaction with a lone police officer in an unmarked car, the woman left’shaking like a leaf.’

A WOMAN was left “shaking like a leaf” following a night-time meeting with a lone undercover cop in an unmarked car.

The 36-year-old woman was traveling to work when she came across a silver 4×4 that flashed hidden blue lights at her before the driver repeatedly waved out his window and turned on his indicators in an apparent attempt to get her to stop. The woman was confused whether the man was a legitimate police officer or a phony officer because he was alone and not in uniform but wearing a high-vis vest.

Two passing motorcyclists eventually got concerned enough about his actions that they led the woman along the road before the 4×4 drove away at a junction.

The motorist was a police officer, according to Humberside Police, but no other information was provided.

And the woman told Hull Live she was concerned, particularly in light of serving cop Wayne Couzens’ kidnapping, rape, and murder of Sarah Everard.

Couzens kidnapped Ms Everard using his police-issued badge and handcuffs, and she got into his hired car, thinking she was being arrested, before being taken and murdered.

On Thursday night, the woman, who begged not to be identified, left her house in Hedon, East Yorkshire, for employment in Hull.

“I was driving down Hedon Road, past the first overpass, out of Hedon village. I attempted to overtake a silver Land Rover up ahead; there was no way of knowing if it was a police car “she stated

“He flashed a little pair of blue lights at the bottom near the tow bar before I could overtake him, so I slowed down.

“He was going 40 in a 40, so I slowed down to keep up with him, but he kept waving me over the glass to pass him.

“I slowed down since I didn’t want to be caught speeding, but when we arrived at the first roundabout, he continued to do the same thing, his arm out the window, motioning for me to pass.

“He kept doing it all the way up to the Marfleet Roundabout, where he slowed down to try to pass me. He was flashing his indicators in an attempt to catch me off guard. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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