After an incident following a QPR match, a Luton man is fighting for his life.


After an incident following a QPR match, a Luton man is fighting for his life.

A MAN is fighting for his life after being critically hurt during the QPR v Luton football match on Friday.

Officers on duty in Uxbridge Road, near the West London ground, discovered the man with a significant head injury at around 9:50pm after the Championship match. A spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Police said: “London Ambulance Service took the 52-year-old male from the Luton area to the hospital. His situation is still life-threatening, and his family has been notified.

“The cause of the man’s head injuries is still being investigated. At this time, we suspect he was assaulted or otherwise involved in disorder in the area of Uxbridge Road near the junction of Davenport Road after the match.” No arrests have been made.

Following the 2-0 loss to QPR, many on Twitter reported seeing a large number of police officers in the neighborhood.

LauraF7x wrote on Twitter: “On Uxbridge Road, one person is lying on the ground, surrounded by cops. On Bloemfontein Road, I’ve never seen so many police officers and so many supporters. Due to the numerous individuals causing havoc, I have yet to return home.” “I’ve never seen so many Old Bill at football, and that includes the 1970s and 1980s!” tweeted Neil Flynn. We were delayed for a long time at the top of Loftus Road while they were escorted down Uxbridge Road, and then it all went down at the police station!” TonyC continued, ” “I’ve been going to @QPR for 40 years and have never seen so many riot cops before and after a game. They wouldn’t let us down the Uxbridge Road, so it took a long time to get out.” Detectives from the Central West BCU of the Metropolitan Police Service want to hear from anyone who saw disruption following the match or saw an incident that may have caused the man’s injury. Police are also urging anyone with potentially relevant mobile phone footage to contact them.

“The individual sustained a significant injury, and it is critical that we make contact with witnesses as soon as possible,” Detective Constable Arrash Faghihi said.

“After the match, the area was highly busy, and there will surely be many people with information that will assist authorities.” “Brinkwire Summary News” says, “I need them to contact me as detectives strive to piece together a complete picture of what happened.”


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