After an examination on Gabby Petito, the coroner said that officials are unsure if her killer used ‘hands or equipment’ to strangle her.


After an examination on Gabby Petito, the coroner said that officials are unsure if her killer used ‘hands or equipment’ to strangle her.

Officials are unsure if Gabby Petito was strangled with an instrument or throttled by her killer’s hands, according to the Wyoming coroner who performed the autopsy.

Teton County Coroner Brent Blue noted, “Throttling often suggests it was done using human hands rather than an equipment.”

In an interview with NewsNationNow, he added, “It doesn’t have to be, but manual strangulation basically suggests it wasn’t done using machinery.”

The harm to the neck is extensively explored when it comes to comprehending the unique nature of strangulation, according to Dr. Blue.

“It’s dictated by the nature of the neck injuries,” he explained.

The autopsy results were released to the public on Tuesday.

On September 19, the remains of the 22-year-old vlogger were discovered at a campsite in Grand Teton National Park.

Her death was deemed a homicide, but the autopsy report’s cause of death had been kept secret for weeks.

During a news conference on Tuesday afternoon, Dr. Blue revealed that Gabby died as a result of strangling.

Gabby’s death was projected to occur three to four weeks before her body was discovered, according to him.

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For this period of time, the body was outside “in the wilderness.”

Dr. Blue stated on Wednesday that a body left outside for an extended period of time is prone to decomposition.

“There are numerous forms of decomposition in a circumstance where any body that is outside, whether it is exposed to the environment, insects, and animals,” he stated in an interview with NewsNationNow.

“Decomposition normally takes its own path.”

Gabby’s remains were subjected to DNA and toxicological tests, but those results are being kept under wraps while the FBI hunts for her killer.

During the press conference, the doctor also confirmed that Gabby Petito was not pregnant at the time of her death, dispelling rumors that she was.

Following the autopsy, the body of the young woman was returned to the morgue, which is currently dealing with the family, according to the doctor.

“While Brian Laundrie is currently charged with the unlawful use of Gabby’s debit card, Brian is simply being investigated as a person of interest in Gabby Petito’s death,” Bertolino stated.

“Brian is still missing at this moment, and whenever he is found, we will deal with the pending fraud allegation against him.”

Nichole Schmidt, Petito’s mother, was not pleased with the lawyer’s statement.

“His words are utter nonsense. “Just keep chatting,” she said.

Gabby’s family left early Wednesday morning for Wyoming to retrieve her body.

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