After an attack on Keir Starmer, Diane Abbott was left red-faced — ‘£20,000 to do Iran’s Press TV.’


After an attack on Keir Starmer, Diane Abbott was left red-faced — ‘£20,000 to do Iran’s Press TV.’

DIANE ABBOTT has been chastised for attacking Sir Keir Starmer after he spoke to a national publication.

Labour MPs have slammed Sir Keir after he wrote a column for The Sun, after previously refusing to talk to the publication during his 2020 Labour leadership campaign out of respect for the 97 Hillsborough victims.

Ms Abbott, the Labour MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington, took to Twitter to criticize Sir Keir.

She shared a photo of Labour leader Ed Miliband as well as a Hillborough piece.

“During the Labour leadership contest, Keir Starmer claimed he wouldn’t speak to the Sun,” Ms Abbott tweeted.

“Now he contributes articles to them.”

“How many more promises is Keir Starmer going to break throughout his leadership campaign?”

Ms Abbott’s remarks on Sir Keir in The Sun offended Cllr John Haywood, Labour for Ringwood North.

He shared a screenshot of Ms Abbott’s 2010 column in the newspaper, implying that the Labour MP was hypocritical in her criticism of the party’s leader.

“I wonder how many people enraged with Keir Starmer (and indirectly me) today were enraged at this?” he said.

“People on Merseyside have held a long and impressive boycott of the Sun over a horrific event 30+ years ago that has left profound scars,” Cllr Haywood added.

“However, if Labour ever forms a government, we must appeal to individuals who read the Sun in other parts of the country.” That is a fact that cannot be avoided.” Ms Abbott was also chastised by journalist Benjamin Butterworth for her assaults on Sir Keir.

He shared a photo of Ms Abbott in a taxi cab with the Sun logo.

“Weird she believes a Labour leader talking to The Sun is awful, but £20,000 to do Iran’s Press TV is fine,” he continued.

Other Merseyside Labour MPs also chastised the party leader over the letter.

Alison McGovern, the Wirral South MP and shadow culture and sport minister, said she had spoken to Sir Keir about his decision.

“I don’t buy the Sun, and I don’t talk to them,” she added. That is my choice. I’ve explained why to Keir.” “I do not buy the Sun,” said Bill Esterson, the shadow trade minister and Sefton Central MP. I’m not going to write for the Sun.” Kim Johnson, Liverpool Riverside MP, said she and others were “very offended” that Starmer penned a piece for the newspaper after it had run out of money. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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