After addressing Ursula von der Leyen over the Brexit arrangement, Boris Johnson was ordered to “leave the EU.”


After addressing Ursula von der Leyen over the Brexit arrangement, Boris Johnson was ordered to “leave the EU.”

After addressing Ursula von der Leyen on the Northern Ireland Protocol, BORIS JOHNSON was ordered to “leave the EU.”

Following the unveiling of Britain’s proposals to amend the Protocol’s implementation, the Prime Minister spoke with the EU Commission chief yesterday. Lord Frost and Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis have already detailed efforts to reduce bureaucratic red tape.

The proposed measures would entail a complete reworking of the Northern Ireland Protocol, which was agreed to as part of the 2019 Brexit Withdrawal Agreement.

According to reports, Mr Johnson encouraged Brussels to carefully evaluate the proposals.

Ms von der Leyen, on the other hand, stated that the EU “will not renegotiate” the separation deal.

“Within the Protocol framework, the EU will continue to be creative and flexible,” she said. We will not, however, renegotiate.

“In Northern Ireland, we must work together to maintain stability and predictability.”

However, users of this page have asked that Mr Johnson rip up the entire accord, claiming that the border tensions between Northern Ireland and the Republic are the EU’s fault.

One “One of the many advantages of dumping the EU is selecting when, where, and if we want any borders,” a website reader wrote.

“The World Trade Organization (WTO) does not require any.”

“When we join the CPTPP at the end of the year, invoke the 12-month notification portion of the trade agreement and leave,” another added.

“Let the EU then flounder in their own breath-taking arrogance and establish a set of rules in stone.”

“CPTPP will be the largest trading bloc, and EU is terrified of the UK entering because then they will finally wake up,” said a third reader.

“They can’t backstab and blackmail us into returning Treasure Island to them.

“The EU is a thing of the past and is on its way out; everyone understands this except Europe, which is mired in red tape.

“The CPTPP is the future, and the EU recognizes it; the EU has forced itself into a position, lashing out like a wounded animal.”

Mr. Johnson should delegate authority to someone else to “terminate the Northern Ireland Protocol” and let the EU to “do anything they want” with the Irish border.

“EU is not interested in finding a solution when it purposefully went out of its way to create the friction in the first place,” a fifth reader said.

“The EU has developed 800 new regulations specifically to stifle trade between Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom.

“At this point, tearing up the WA is the only option.”

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