After a UFO sighting in Bolivia, eyewitnesses report a ‘alien’ visited the city – ‘Halo in the sky.’


After a UFO sighting in Bolivia, eyewitnesses report a ‘alien’ visited the city – ‘Halo in the sky.’

According to local media accounts, a SUSPECTED alien frightened people in the Bolivian city of Santa Cruz after paying an unannounced visit.

The space visitor is said to have walked out of its spaceship and strolled across the city’s Monteagudo neighborhood. The unidentified alien was described as looking like a “chupacabra,” a fabled folkloric beast that stands 30 centimetres tall.

Residents reported seeing a halo of light in the sky before it appeared, according to the newspaper El Tribuno.

“As the object entered the sky, there was a crash, like thunder,” UFO enthusiast Javier Aliaga told local media.

“Furthermore, this thing has the appearance of being able to throw fire.”

The extraterrestrial returned to its space ship after its walkabout, according to eyewitnesses, and departed for an unknown destination.

They claimed that the only signs of its presence were circles in the grass, from which a UFO took off.

During the coronavirus outbreak, UFO sightings have grown drastically.

According to data from the National UFO Reporting Center, reports of alien spaceships in the United States climbed by around 1,000 to 7,200 last year.

UFO enthusiasts believe the epidemic is to blame for the increase, as more people are spending time looking up at the stars.

The Pentagon’s decision to initiate an investigation into so-called “unidentified aerial phenomena” detected from military planes this summer may have aroused public interest in aliens.

It declassified three films of such sightings last year.

“It’s encouraging to many of us in the field of ufology that the government is willing to confirm that they are aware of these circumstances, that they are conceding that people are reporting these events,” Peter Davenport, the director of the U.F.O. reporting centre, known as NUFORC, told the New York Times.

After sighting one as a child, Mr Davenport, who holds master’s degrees in biology and finance, became captivated by UFOs.

Mr Davenport spotted “this extraordinarily vivid fire engine red item that looked something like an English rugby ball” while watching a movie with his family at a drive-in theatre in St Louis.

“It seemed practically immobile at first, then went straight up and down behind [a building].” Everything happened in around five or six seconds.”


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