After a terrifying quad bike accident, EuroMillions winner’s 13-year-old kid is fighting for his life.


After a terrifying quad bike accident, EuroMillions winner’s 13-year-old kid is fighting for his life.

After being engaged in a horrible quad bike accident, the teen son of EuroMillions winners is reportedly struggling for his life.

Adrian Bayford and his ex-wife Gillian won a £148 million Euromillions prize in 2012, and the 13-year-old is one of their two children. Friends say the accident happened in the grounds of Adrian’s £12 million property in Cambridgeshire, with the 13-year-old being hit by a car driven by his older sister, who is 15 years his senior.

According to The Sun, the boy’s sister rang the alarm after the collision threw him off the quad and through a fence in this “devastating” catastrophe.

Emergency services and an air ambulance responded to the accident on the secluded 148-acre estate before transporting the kid to a local hospital, where he is in intensive care.

“He’s fighting for his life,” a source told the publication. It’s a toss-up situation. Adrian and his entire family are devastated by this.

“Adrian is a beautiful young man who adores his children. They were having a good time at home when tragedy struck.”

The car and quad bikes are believed to have been gifts purchased for the children by their father Adrian, a former postman who used his share of the prize money to buy them.

The couple divorced a year after their win, citing “irretrievable” marital breakdown, and Gillian relocated to Scotland with their children.

Adrian had intended to leave his Cambridgeshire home after purchasing another to be closer to his children, but he recently returned to the Grade II-listed estate.

The boy’s mother has been by his bedside in the hospital since the “nightmare” accident.

According to The Sun, a family member remarked about the son’s health and how anxious the family was about his injuries.

“He’s in intensive care and he’s in a poor way,” the person claimed. Right now, he’s sedated, and everyone is worried out of their minds.

“The whole situation has left his sister frightened. It’s a shambles.”

According to a Cambridgeshire Police spokeswoman, the boy received “severe injuries” as a result of the collision on private land, which occurred about 3 p.m. last Monday.

Following Mr Bayford’s relocation to Scotland, the country estate where the accident occurred was up for sale.

He’d bought a £2.5 million home near Blairgowrie, Perthshire, to be closer to his children, but he’d sold his Cambridgeshire home. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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