After a squabble with his husband, a man burns down his own £400,000 home.


After a fight with his husband, a man burns down his own £400,000 home to spite him.

Following a squabble with his husband, a man set fire to his own £400,000 home to spite him.

Andrew Foster, 53, then stabbed himself in the garden of the property in Penkhull, Stoke-on-Trent, and was discovered beside a pool of blood.

Despite admitting to arson with reckless disregard for property damage, he was released from prison yesterday.

The 18-month prison sentence was suspended for two years by a judge at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court.

Foster allegedly committed the crime after his husband and family had been cruel to him for several months, according to the court.

Judge Paul Glenn, on the other hand, described the arson as “spiteful.”

“You said your intention was to end things and to burn the house down so your partner could not have it if you succeeded in killing yourself,” Judge Glenn said in sentencing Foster.

That was a cruel remark.

“You are an astute individual.

“Before starting the fire, you had the foresight to move your car from the driveway to the street.”

Your dogs were riding shotgun in the back seat of the car.

“I’m sure your husband was taken aback when he discovered the house on fire.”

When Foster’s husband was out running errands, he doused the house in gasoline and lit matches, according to Stoke-on-Trent Live, and his husband returned to find Foster dead in the garden.

“He (the husband) could see smoke coming from the kitchen window,” said prosecutor Peter Gilmour.

He dashed to the house and fumbled with the French doors.

They were all locked up.

The sofa was ablaze.

He dashed to the property’s edge, where he noticed a trail of blood.

He discovered the defendant covered in blood in the garden.”

Foster claimed that his husband had been torturing him psychologically in an interview with Staffordshire Police.

He explained that he loaded the dogs into the car to keep them safe and that he wanted to “put an end to things.”

He drank a quarter of a bottle of brandy while getting petrol from the shed and dousing it over the house.

He lit matches and strewn them around the room.

He stabbed and cut himself outside after a while.

He stated that he intended to burn down the house so that his husband would not be able to live there.

The fire was started on purpose, according to fire investigators.

Foster’s husband expressed his love for him in a victim statement.

The loss, he claimed, was not covered by insurance.

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