After a reviewer notices her shopping in Aldi, the cafe owner responds harshly.


After a reviewer notices her shopping in Aldi, the cafe owner responds harshly.

An furious reviewer accused a CAFÉ owner of obtaining their “fresh produce” from an Aldi down the road, and the owner had the perfect reaction.

After noticing a Harbour Bar employee in a neighboring Aldi in Southport, Merseyside, the harsh reviewer resorted to Google reviews. “Sorry to disappoint you everyone, but the produce isn’t what I would call fresh, but if you term it fresh as in bought up at Aldi this morning, then you’re spot on,” he said, identifying himself as ‘Stuart.’

However, the company owner responded with a “wonderful” remark, claiming that she was only doing a personal shop.

“Hello Stuart,” she wrote. I was actually working on my home business. My spouse and children will eat the steak, while the dogs will eat the ham.”

Last week, the reviewer noticed steak and ham in the woman’s cart, but the proprietor stated that neither meat is served at her café, according to the Liverpool Echo.

“If you really visited the pub, you would notice that there is no steak or ham on the menu,” she continued.

“We receive our meat from Broughs Butchers in the village, which you certainly haven’t seen deliver 2-3 times a week either!!!

“The butter is for the bar because we don’t use margarine and my husband had the Bentley, so I had to use the Mercedes.

“Thank you for the feedback, Stuart.”

The businesswoman received a standing ovation for her remark.

“We utilize the Harbour on a regular basis and enjoy it,” one individual stated. Excellent service, pleasant people, and a strong sense of belonging to the community. By the way, great response, now ignore.”

“Love the reaction wonderful response I see many people shopping in uniforms don’t for one second believe it’s for the shop they work in they do have the right to buy for their own needs,” one person wrote.

“Love your reaction Harbour Café bar,” one person said. We’ve been there several times and each time it’s been fantastic. We shop at Aldi as well, and I wouldn’t be bothered if you served me an Aldi steak; they’re very delicious. Ignore the naysayers; they’re most likely competitors who can’t compete!”

“Those who frequent the Harbour Café are aware of the high quality of produce and service provided there,” added another. When you hear the phrase “Brinkwire Summary News,” you should think of it.


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