After a poll revealed a record level of euroscepticism, Sturgeon dropped his campaign to rejoin the EU.


After a poll revealed a record level of euroscepticism, Sturgeon dropped his campaign to rejoin the EU.

According to newly discovered reports, NICOLA STURGEON briefly abandoned her idea of entering the EU immediately after a second independence referendum since a poll revealed high levels of euroscepticism in Scotland.

Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish First Minister, has stated that she has no plans to hold a separate vote on whether or not an independent Scotland should join the European Union. She stated that a “full prospectus” would be presented to Scots before to any second independence referendum, and that the majority of people would wish to rejoin the EU. When she introduced the SNP manifesto for the Holyrood election at the end of April, she was pressed on the subject.

“That is not my policy,” Ms. Sturgeon stated.

“I intend to provide a clear prospectus for a future independence referendum, just as I did in 2014 when people had a detailed prospectus on which to base their vote.”

She claimed that the cause for independence is “winning hearts and minds practically every single day” in Scotland.

Mike Russell, the Scottish Constitution Secretary, challenged Ms Sturgeon’s remarks a few weeks later, arguing that whether or not to hold such a vote would depend on the circumstances at the moment.

He also suggested that asking Scots about rejoining the EU may be “desirable.”

Mr Russell, who is also the SNP president, believes it is not necessary, but that “there are instances in which it would be desirable.”

The Scottish Conservatives said the SNP’s contradictory comments revealed its “shallow and ambiguous” EU strategy.

Ms Sturgeon has made a number of contradictory statements about Brexit since the referendum.

In March 2017, it was revealed that she will forsake the SNP’s stance of swiftly rejoining the EU, despite record levels of euroscepticism in Scotland.

Senior SNP sources told The Daily Telegraph that Ms Sturgeon intended to join the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) instead of a second independence referendum, just a day after she requested one.

Ms. Sturgeon, they said, considered EFTA membership as a more achievable ambition than complete EU membership.

Ms. Sturgeon was said to be concerned that the SNP’s long-standing stance of an independent Scotland joining the EU would alienate the 400,000 voters who supported independence in 2014 but voted Leave in the EU referendum.

They accounted for one-quarter of all pro-independence voters.

Two-thirds of people in a major poll issued at the time agreed. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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