After a newborn baby was discovered dead in a canal, police launched a murder inquiry and offered a £5,000 reward.


After a newborn baby was discovered dead in a canal, police launched a murder inquiry and offered a £5,000 reward.

A homicide inquiry has been initiated after a newborn baby boy was discovered dead in a canal.

A father said it was one of the worst moments of his life when he spotted the newborn in a West Midlands country park. The baby’s body was supposed to have been in the water for four days before bystanders discovered it. Officers said that the kid was “probably not alive” when he was left in the water, implying that he was born at full term.

On May 20, his body was discovered at Rough Wood Country Park, Willenhall, along a stretch of the Essington Canal. He was pronounced dead at the spot.

When Lee Coles, a full-time carer and parent, returned home from shopping, he made the discovery.

“It wasn’t evident what it was because of the angle it was at,” he told The Sun. On top of it, there was debris, as if something had been tossed on it.

“At first, I assumed it was an entire chicken thrown into the canal, but when I came closer, I discovered the feet and hands.

“I moved the debris with a branch to get a better look, and there was a baby’s body.

“It was a completely naked newborn. At first, I mistook it for a doll.”

“Once I established it was a real baby, I called the emergency services,” he continued. Flashbacks are still happening to me.

“I couldn’t eat anything because I was ill to my stomach. Physically, I was suffocating. I was completely taken aback. I was unable to move. I had to take a seat at the back because I thought I was going to pass out.

“I’ve never been in a scenario like this before in my life. It’s one of the most dreadful experiences I’ll ever have.”

The incident is now being investigated as a premeditated killing, according to police.

Authorities are offering a £5,000 prize for information leading to an arrest and conviction, and they are desperately attempting to uncover those responsible.

The child’s mother has yet to be found, and authorities have expressed concern for her safety.

“This is an extremely sad, tragic situation, and shocking for the community, therefore we are keen to obtain answers as to what happened and who was involved,” said Mick Duthie, director of operations at Crimestoppers.

“Anyone who can help is urged to do so.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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