After a junior member tests positive with COVID-19, the Royals have canceled all bookings.


After a junior member tests positive with COVID-19, the Royals have canceled all bookings.

ROYAL commitments in Belgium have been canceled after a member of the family was found to be COVID-19 positive.

Because they are in self-isolation, King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium have canceled their upcoming commitments. The royal couple have limited their social contact after an undeclared family member, thought to be one of their youngest children, tested positive with the virus.

Their appearances have been canceled as a precaution after a member of the family was diagnosed with coronavirus.

PCR testing on Philippe and Mathilde both came back negative, but the royals will remain in seclusion as a precaution.

Princess Elisabeth, 19, Prince Gabriel, 18, Prince Emmanuel, 15, and Princess Eléonore, 13, are the couple’s four children.

While no confirmation has been released as to which of the couple’s four children has contracted Covid, Belga, a popular Belgian news agency, has hypothesized that it is most likely one of the couple’s younger children.

At this time, no information on who has tested positive for the virus has been released.

“Following a confirmed Covid-19 case within the Royal Family, their Majesties the King and Queen have decided to limit their interactions in the coming days as a precaution, in compliance with health regulations,” the Royal Family said in a statement.

Up until and including Monday, September 6, all engagements for King Philippe and Queen Mathilde have been canceled.

Queen Mathilde is unlikely to attend the funeral of her uncle, Count Henri d’Udekem, tomorrow, Friday, September 3, due to the couple’s isolation.

Other events on their schedule have been canceled, including Queen Mathilde’s visit to the Antwerp ModeMuseum and the couple’s presence in the King Baudouin Stadium for the commencement of the Memorial Van Damme.

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium released a “return to school” portrait of their four children yesterday (Wednesday, September 1), as their eldest daughter Princess Elisabeth travels to Oxford.

The royal siblings are pictured posing on the grounds of their residence, Castle of Laeken, in Brussels, in an Instagram photo taken before the start of the Belgian school year.

This autumn, Princess Elisabeth will begin a three-year history and politics programme at Oxford University’s Lincoln College.

Princess Elisabeth is the couple’s eldest child, and she is the next in line to the throne.


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