After a horrific crash, Michael Schumacher was terrified that he would die: ‘I may be dead here.’


After a horrific crash, Michael Schumacher was terrified that he would die: ‘I may be dead here.’

After watching Formula One legend Ayrton Senna’s deadly collision in San Marino, MICHAEL SCHUMACHER feared for his life.

Last month, Netflix produced a documentary about Formula One legend Michael Schumacher, which chronicled his life from boyhood to his legendary racing career. Those closest to the seven-time world champion examine his character on and off the track in the film named ‘Schumacher.’ This included an examination of some of his most ferocious rivalries in the sport. In 1994, at the San Marino Grand Prix, Schumacher was chasing Ayrton Senna, who was also chasing the world title.

Senna’s car left the racing line at 191 mph, raced straight off the track, and hit the concrete retaining wall at roughly 145 mph as he rounded the high-speed Tamburello circuit on lap 7.

Later that day, it was revealed that Senna had died, shocking the racing world.

In Netflix’s Schumacher documentary, the German opens up about how he reacted to the news in a rediscovered interview.

“It was two hours after the race that [engineering director]Mr [Tom] Walkinshaw came over to me and said, ‘It’s looking pretty bad,'” Schumacher said.

“I answered, ‘No, he’s in a coma, but a coma isn’t necessarily a negative thing.’

“‘No, it doesn’t look very good,’ he said.

“And then later, someone told to me, ‘He’s dead.'”

“I couldn’t believe he was dead, I couldn’t believe it.” ‘No, he’s going to be the champion, he’ll miss one or two races and then come back,’ I thought at the time.

“The saddest part was having to accept he was dead for the next two weeks.”

Following that, Schumacher was questioned if it was “easy to drive” after the collision.

Schumacher said in his statement that he was afraid for his life if he raced again.

“Silverstone, I went there [afterwards]and you suddenly see things with other eyes,” he explained.

“I was driving through Silverstone in a road car and thought to myself, ‘This is a point where you may die, this is another one where you could die.’

“I thought to myself, ‘crazy, you always raced here, but there are so many areas where you can crash and die instantly.’ That was all I could think about.

“I had no idea what was going to happen,” she said. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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