After a horrible crash caused by a smiling teen joyrider, a 12-year-old boy saw his grandfather die.


After a horrible crash caused by a smiling teen joyrider, a 12-year-old boy saw his grandfather die.

After carelessly speeding away in his mate’s courtesy car while uninsured and without a license, Rexon Rebidelmo, 19, killed 81-year-old Charles Burcombe on his way to purchase a tin of beans.

A grandson was killed by a speeding juvenile joyrider who had gone out to purchase a tin of beans.

Just days before Christmas, Rexon Rebidelmo, 19, was four times the speed limit when his automobile plowed into the driver side of 81-year-old Charles Burcombe’s car.

Mr Burcombe, a market dealer, was driving with his 12-year-old grandson in the front passenger seat, but he was killed instantly.

Judge Rajeev Shetty sentenced Rebidelmo to five years and three months in a juvenile offender’s facility, saying his driving on December 20, 2019, was “arrogant and dumb.”

He agreed to driving while uninsured, driving without a license, and causing death via unsafe driving.

Mr Burcombe’s daughter Sophie claimed in a statement that the disaster was “unnecessary and wasteful,” and the judge agreed, saying, “They are simple words but still powerful.”

“There is no better way to describe what happened that day.” Your acts have broken and desolate an already fragile family.

“You treated the car as if it were a toy, and the road as if it were your playground.”

Rebidelmo, of Mitcham, London, was informed he could wait in a friend’s new courtesy car with the keys in the ignition until he finished work and then take them to Nando’s, according to Kingston Crown Court.

Rebidelmo, who had only recently turned 17 and had failed his driving theory test in October, opted to take a ride with a friend.

Prosecutor Hamish Common told the court that a black box on Rebidelmo’s Seat Leon captured him driving at speeds of up to 50 mph on residential streets in Tooting, south London.

Rebidelmo overtook a car on Streatham Road just before colliding with Mr Burcombe’s Vauxhall Astra, with the driver stating that he felt like he was going at “90 to 100mph.”

Rebidelmo slammed into Mr Burcombe as he was coming out of a side road.

Rebidelmo is reported to have “done nothing” to assist Mr Burcombe or his grandson after the incident, telling witnesses he was only traveling at 40mph.

When police arrived, he admitted to driving at 25 mph and lying about his age, claiming to be 18 years old.

When his mother came at the hospital and confirmed he was there, everything fell apart. The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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