After a heated exchange with James O’Brien on the BBC, Dominic Cummings retaliates.


After a heated exchange with James O’Brien on the BBC, Dominic Cummings retaliates.

DOMINIC CUMMINGS has wrapped up a revealing BBC interview on his tenure in Number 10 by disputing Remainer claims about the UK’s COVID-19 vaccine deployment.

Remainer assertions that the UK’s vaccination rollout was “slower” because it had left the European Union were debunked by Boris Johnson’s former chief aide.

Anti-Brexit campaigner James O’Brien led the charge that leaving the EU would mean “coronavirus vaccines will take longer to reach the UK.”

After opting out of the EU scheme during the transition period, Mr Cummings said the deployment of the COVID-19 vaccine to the UK population was “far faster than Brussels.”

According to the most recent UK government statistics, 68 percent of adults in the UK are completely vaccinated, compared to only 40.2 percent in EU countries.

Mr Cummings also remarked in a BBC interview last night that the Brexit campaign promise of an extra £350 million per week for the NHS if the UK left the European Union “drove everyone insane” because it was accurate.

The amount, which was branded on campaign buses used by senior Brexiteers such as Boris Johnson, was intended as a “trap” for the Remain side because it highlighted the “real balance sheet” of EU membership, according to the former Vote Leave mastermind.

Remainer critics have said that the figure is misleading since it excludes the rebate that the UK received from Brussels.

Mr Cummings, though, defended the statistic, saying, “The reason that figure worked, the reason that it drove everyone insane, and the reason why people are still talking about it now is because we were using accurate figures.”

He also admitted that it was “absolutely reasonable” to argue that Brexit was a mistake, but that anyone who believed otherwise “had a screw loose.”

Based on the events of the previous five years, the former Downing Street staffer also believes Brexit is a “positive thing.”

He went on to remark, “I think it’s quite legitimate to say Brexit was a mistake…of course, some people believe that,” he concluded.

“Obviously, I believe that Brexit was a positive thing.

“I believe that the way the world has turned out since 2016 vindicates Vote Leave’s views in a variety of ways. Brexit, in my opinion, is a wonderful thing.”

During the hour-long show, Mr. Cummings also revealed. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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