After a ‘gunshot heard,’ travelers at Atlanta Airport scream and are seen lying on the floor.


After a ‘gunshot heard,’ travelers at Atlanta Airport scream and are seen lying on the floor.

People took cover in Atlanta Airport in Georgia, according to chilling footage and photographs posted on social media, amid reports of a “active shooter” and gunshots.

Fears of a lone shooter triggered panic at an airport this evening, with passengers shouting and fleeing for safety.

According to one witness, the incident at Atlanta Airport in Georgia also resulted in a rush.

The commotion was captured on camera, with airport bollards crashing to the ground.

“I’m at the Atlanta Airport just boarded my flight to New York and we had to seal our doors because of a claimed active shooter in the terminal,” writer Dianne Callahan, who said she was flying to New York, tweeted from the airport.

“Delta is handling this with the utmost professionalism. We’ve heard sirens but haven’t been able to confirm anything. I’ll keep you informed. Pray!” “Just fled in a stampede out of Delta terminal,” another passenger wrote. Active shooter, according to reports. In the cell phone lot, my family is safe. I heard gunshots and then saw people fleeing. I assisted a woman in standing up. America.” The Atlanta Airport afterwards published a statement claiming that the bullets were a “accidental discharge” and that there was no active shooter at the airport.

“There is no active shooter,” an airport spokeswoman said in a message on Twitter. At the airport, there was an unintentional discharge.

“Neither passengers nor personnel are in danger.”

“An investigation is now underway.”

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