After a failed attempt to rescue 400 Afghans, a British ex-soldier is arrested by the Taliban.


After a failed attempt to rescue 400 Afghans, a British ex-soldier is arrested by the Taliban.

After attempting to rescue 400 Afghan residents, TALIBAN terrorists arrested a British ex-soldier.

Ben Slater, 37, was attempting to cross a land border in the Middle East to assist Afghan citizens, including 50 staff members from his NGOs. The assassination attempt comes after the terrorist group took control of Kabul’s airport after the last UK evacuation flight left the country earlier this week.

The workers and their families were unable to board the final British plane and are currently unable to leave the Taliban-controlled territory, after the former soldier’s evacuation attempts were halted.

At a land border between Afghanistan and an unidentified country, militants turned back a coach transporting the staff members.

The Taliban detained Mr Slater and questioned him about the rescue efforts before releasing him.

The ex-soldier is assisting others escaping because he is growing concerned that the jihadists will not keep their promise to let those fleeing their rule exit the nation unharmed.

According to The Telegraph, Mr Slater had previously assisted in the evacuation of scores of Afghans but had been unable to gain assistance for his team, prompting him to launch his own rescue mission.

The majority of the staff workers are single women who stayed in hotel rooms near a border gate, and the Taliban has a history of mistreating women.

Following his arrest, Mr Slater was released and instructed that he could only take one of his staff members out of the country, while the rest of the group would have to stay in Afghanistan.

Mr Slater, a former member of the Royal Military Police, is attempting to get visas for the employees of the NGOs he oversees in Afghanistan.

The event on Thursday has raised fears that the Taliban may not follow through on their previous promise to allow individuals to leave the country after taking control.

The Taliban, on the other hand, refuted these claims on Sunday, assuring a 100-nation gathering that international nationals and Afghans with foreign travel documents would still be allowed to exit the region.

“We have obtained guarantees from the Taliban that all foreign nationals and any Afghan citizen with travel authorization from our nations will be permitted to move in a safe and orderly manner.”Brinkwire Summary News,” the group said in a statement.


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