After a ‘change,’ hot 75°F air will sear the UK, according to the weather forecast.


After a ‘change,’ hot 75°F air will sear the UK, according to the weather forecast.

The UK is expected to be engulfed by a scorching wave of heat as the week unfolds, according to forecasts.

After a month of rain for much of the country, September could be a better month for sun seekers in the UK. According to Netweather, temperatures will steadily rise during the week, culminating at up to 24C (75.2F) “in the south and southwest of England” on Thursday and Friday.

The meteorological service added that “high pressure will continue to dominate” for the rest of the week, but that it will “remain centred over the north of the UK.”

“It will gradually change position, and by the end of the week, most of us will be facing a south-easterly rather than a north-easterly wind,” they continued.

“Highs of 19C (66.2F) to 22C (71.6F) are expected in other western locations. Maximum temperatures will remain in the 15°C (59°F) to 17°C range in the cloudier eastern parts (62.6F).

“The weather will get more unstable throughout the weekend as low pressure approaches the west coast of the United Kingdom.

“Sunday, in particular, appears to be a wet day for many, and the unstable weather pattern is expected to extend into next week.

“However, with winds shifting to a generally south to south-westerly direction next week, the more unsettled weather could bring more sunshine to most of eastern England.”

Warmer air is flowing through several sections of the country, according to Netweather charts.

The Weather Outlook’s Brian Gaze said yesterday on his YouTube channel: “As we get closer to the end of the week, that region of high pressure starts to draw away.”

“And (while) we’re waiting for the next series of weather systems to move in from the Atlantic, there might be a break where we lose that north-easterly flow and it gets at least a little warmer for a while.

“Maximums are expected on Saturday, September 4th. 22C (to) 23C can be seen in southern and central Britain.

“It depends on the timing of those weather systems moving in from the Atlantic whether this happens or not.

“This is highly dependent on dry weather with sunny periods.”

“So it’s something to keep an eye on,” he continued. There may be some sunnier and warmer circumstances – at least for a spell – in eastern and.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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