After a boycott campaign over Farage’s RNLI comments, Sainsbury’s has pulled its GB News adverts.


After a boycott campaign over Farage’s RNLI comments, Sainsbury’s has pulled its GB News adverts.

Shortly after Nigel Farage’s infamous rant on the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, SAINSBURY’S has “terminated” all of his advertising with GB News (RNLI).

The supermarket chain declared that its campaign with the newly created news channel had ended, adding that “at this time, we do not have any advertisements scheduled with GB News.” “We had a campaign that has now ended,” a spokeswoman stated.

Grateful leftists leapt on the news, claiming it was the product of pressure from the LedByDonkeys campaign and StopFundingHate, a group that aims to force firms to take their ads from media outlets it opposes.

After Mr Farage, who presents a flagship show on the channel, compared the RNLI to a “taxi service for criminal trafficking gangs,” it cranked up its campaign on Sainsbury’s to get the ads pulled.

His remarks came after some critics alleged that the RNLI’s rescue missions were assisting illegal immigration by people attempting to cross the English Channel.

The organization retaliated by stating that it would continue to react to coast guard requests and rescue anyone in distress at sea.

“Imagine being out of sight of shore, running out of fuel, coming into highly busy shipping lanes when you’re scared and don’t know which direction you’re travelling in,” said Mark Dowie, the RNLI’s chief executive.

“By any standard, that is distress. Our part in this is critical: all we have to do is respond to a desire to save lives.”

As public outrage grew over his remarks, protesters erected billboards and went to Sainsbury’s offices, demanding an explanation for “why it funds Nigel Farage’s salary by advertising on his TV show.”

Hundreds of people claim to have written to the grocer encouraging it to boycott the channel.

While the company has yet to confirm whether the campaign and the cessation of its advertising campaign were connected, Lead by Donkey’s hailed it as a success.

“After a few billboards, an ad(vantage) at their HQ, more than 2.5 million views on films, and rising pressure, Sainsbury’s did the right thing,” Led By Donkeys tweeted. (This tweet is code for “we’ve come to an end now” in business language.)

“Many thanks to everyone who emailed @sainsburys, to the volunteers at @StopFundingHate who have been watching the channel, and to the supermarket personnel for advocating for this change.”

“Brinkwire Summary News” is a term used by companies who advertise on the channel.


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