After 500 hours of jetting, the Birmingham fatberg that had built up over decades was completely destroyed.


After 500 hours of jetting, the Birmingham fatberg that had built up over decades was completely destroyed.

After 500 hours of jetting, a GIANT fatberg discovered in Birmingham in April was nearly eliminated.

The pile was made up of clogged-up fat, oil, grease, wipes, and sanitary items that had all been flushed down toilets and weighed over 300 tons and measured about 1,000 meters. The blockage was broken up after 520 hours of water jetting. Residents have reportedly complained for decades about a bad odor in the region.

According to Birmingham Live, this could indicate that the fatberg has been growing for 20 or 30 years.

Local neighbors are already complaining about roadworks that are causing a problem, despite the fact that the crowds are virtually gone.

The roadworks began in February and were timed to coincide with a separate project to boost flood defenses in the area.

Residents are now complaining that the current four-way traffic system is making their lives difficult.

It’ll probably stay there for another two weeks while sewer inspections are done.

“The same problems are still going on,” a cab driver in the neighborhood remarked. We’re told it’ll be another couple of weeks, but it always takes longer.

“When other people park in front of their house, they complain.

“I’m hoping it’ll only take a couple of weeks this time, but I’m not optimistic.”

Elizabeth Tuckey, 54, a resident of the area, said she feels like she is “living on a construction site.”

“We’ve had roadworks here since February, and they’re still going on five months later,” Ms Tuckey added. It’s a complete nightmare.

“If anything, the situation has gotten worse. My husband is on palliative care, so we have carers come in three times a day, and they can’t get a parking spot; it’s ridiculous.”

“My husband had to go to the hospital a few months ago, and the ambulance had to stop in the middle of the road,” she continued.

“It has an effect on us on a daily basis. Because it’s so hot outside, we’ve opened the windows, and the smell and noise from the sewer works are unbearable; it’s like living on a construction site.

“I understand everything has to be done, but the amount of time it is taking is ridiculous.”

Majid Mahmood, a local councillor, stated, “Basically, Severn Trent wants to avoid.” Brinkwire Summary News


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