After 15 years, the crown stamp returns to pint glasses as a result of the Brexit victory.


After 15 years, the crown stamp returns to pint glasses as a result of the Brexit victory.

The crown mark, which was proudly printed on pint glasses for years until being replaced by a European Union sign, is likely to make a comeback in pubs across the country.

When an EU directive went into effect in 2006, it mandated the use of the “CE” mark as the assurance of the pint measure and prohibited the use of any other insignia.

Brewing and pub companies lobbied then-prime minister Tony Blair to act to maintain the crown, calling the replacement of the mark, which has been in use since 1699, a “unnecessary intrusion.”

Ministers are set to unveil plans to reinstate the crown stamp in the coming weeks, in the latest bid to capitalize on post-Brexit freedoms.

New ideas would eliminate “onerous” regulations and allow hospitality establishments to install the crown on pint glasses voluntarily.

This will be part of a larger set of reforms aimed at reducing EU-era red tape in order to “promote competitiveness, reduce impediments to innovation, and aid both consumers and businesses.”

“We regained control so that we could make judgments that were in our best interests,” a government source said. Pint glasses may be symbolic, but they are only a small component of a larger government-wide effort to create the right regulatory environment to assist both businesses and consumers survive and succeed in the UK.”

In areas such as “data, transportation, life sciences, farming, and the environment,” the government will lay out plans to take advantage of freedoms acquired since breaking the cord with Brussels.

The return of the crown delighted Lee Anderson, the Conservative MP for Ashfield.

“This is one of the many benefits of Brexit,” he remarked. The first pint I drink with the crown on will be much more enjoyable.”

Former Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage was enthusiastic about the possibility of having a pint from a glass with a crown insignia.


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