After 14 years, the Conservatives have promised to demolish Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP’s ‘yellow wall’ across Scotland.


After 14 years, the Conservatives have promised to demolish Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP’s ‘yellow wall’ across Scotland.

DOUGLAS Ross has promised to tear down Nicola Sturgeon’s “yellow SNP wall” across Scotland.

In a speech to the Tory party conference today, the Scottish Conservative leader will accuse the Scottish First Minister of being “removed from working-class areas.”

Mr Ross, who will speak at a Scottish Conservative fringe event, will also claim that Ms Sturgeon has “lost touch.”

Ms Sturgeon “talks down to everyone who doesn’t speak at her apparently superior level of intelligence,” according to the Moray MP.

Ms Ross will say during her speech that the Scottish Parliament “ignores” and “belittles” working-class values, and that many communities have been “scarred by drug fatalities and disfigured by all the other faults that her government is too busy to address.”

On topics like free speech and fair justice, Mr Ross will argue that the Scottish Conservatives are the only party representing the working classes against the “cosy Holyrood consensus.”

“Working-class people throughout Scotland look to Holyrood and perceive a Scottish Parliament that does not represent them,” he would add.

“Until recently, many of them had completely abandoned politics.”

“They used to have a political party to vote for, but it abandoned them years ago.”

“My party will not revert to the past. We are anticipating the next wall to fall.

“This time it won’t be red.” “It’ll be SNP yellow,” says the narrator. The Moray MP cited a number of initiatives implemented by the SNP-led Scottish Government that the Scottish Conservatives feel have failed Scots.

The Hate Crime Bill, which was enacted in March, and the recently deployed vaccine passport scheme are two examples.

“No government for working people would bring in the Hate Crime Act,” the Moray MP will conclude.

“No working-class government would ever treat crack cocaine as lightly as littering.”

“No working-class government would wreak havoc on football fans and clubs with a shambolic vaccine passport proposal.”

“For the first time in a long time, a political party is standing up for working people.”

“Even if we have to do it alone, which we will, against the cozy Holyrood consensus.”

“Even if the SNP tries to alienate us at every opportunity, which they will.”

The Scottish National Party (SNP) has been contacted for comment.


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