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AFP officers are accused of running amok in the Northern Territory

Two policemen have been accused of pointing a gun at an Aboriginal driver and spraying ‘White Lives Matter’ on a grave.

The Australian Federal Police officers from Queensland and New South Wales are accused of running amok while on secondment in the Northern Territory during the coronavirus pandemic.   

About 100 officers were sent to the NT to guard border security checkpoints at Alice Springs and Darwin airports to keep residents safe from COVID-19.

In one incident, an AFP officer pulled an Aboriginal motorist over after he allegedly rammed into a marked police car in Alice Springs, The Courier-Mail reported. 

The policeman then allegedly pointed his gun at the driver.

A second officer is being investigated for allegedly stealing memorabilia from the now-closed Rabbit Flat Roadhouse on the Tanami Track in the territory’s mid-west.

Sources told the publication a group of unidentified individuals were wreaking havoc at the roadhouse, setting fire to an abandoned car and shooting at signs.

It was claimed the policeman took items from the famous roadhouse, known for being the most isolated pub in the world, to protect them from being destroyed.

It was also alleged that the same officer built a grave as a joke and sprayed ‘White Lives Matter’ on it.

He then allegedly took photos and sent them to a friend. 

It is understood that the officer fiercely denied the allegations.

The Northern Territory has a large population of indigenous Australians. 

A Northern Territory police spokeswoman confirmed local officers investigated the alleged roadhouse theft.

‘Detectives from Alice Springs investigated an allegation of a theft from the Rabbit Flat Roadhouse, however the owner of the abandoned premises did not wish to make a formal complaint and our investigation was discontinued,’ she told the publication.

She added that no reports had been received regarding a burning car or shooting traffic signs, but police are aware of the grave prank allegations.

An AFP spokeswoman told Daily Mail Australia the actions of the two officers are being investigated.

‘AFP Professional Standards is investigating allegations about their actions while on deployment,’ she said.

‘As these matters are currently ongoing, it would not be appropriate to comment further.’

The spokeswoman also confirmed the two officers have been transferred back to their home states.

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