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AFL great Campbell Brown partied with Prince Harry in Las Vegas

Former AFL star Campbell Brown has recalled his crazy night partying with Prince Harry while dancing to Pitbull and drinking cranberry vodkas in a Las Vegas nightclub.

The 2008 premiership star has fond memories of his encounter with the royal, opening up about the hilarious tale for Thirsty Camel’s Thirsty for a Good Story campaign.

Brown was in Sin City for one night during a Gold Coast Suns pre-season training camp in late 2011 when he and a few teammates decided to breach midnight curfew to kick on at the iconic XS Nightclub.

‘I was just looking around and I see a Prince Harry lookalike, a guy with red hair, I said to Matty Warnock “Ha, Prince Harry!” We keep walking and then I stop and I look and I go “I actually reckon that is Prince Harry”!’ the former Hawthorn and Suns star recalled.

‘I walk up, there were two skinny sort of guys, they were sort of overlooking the booth he was in, he was sitting in there with three other guys. I said ‘Harry!’ He looks across at me and I said ‘I knew it was Prince Harry!’

Spotting Prince Harry sitting in a private booth, Brown decided to join him and struck up a conversation under the very watchful eye of the royal’s security entourage.

‘They didn’t look like your usual big burly security guards,’ Brown recalled. 

The royal told him he was in town for fighter pilot drills with the British Air Force, while Brown told him about AFL.

‘I thought I better keep him engaged here because Scotland Yard standing over there, they were pretty keen to move me along,’ Brown said.

‘I’m out of my drink now so I lean in I grab the drink – I pour myself a Vodka cranberry!’

With a few drinks under his belt, it was what Brown did next that brought his partying antics with the royal to an abrupt end.

‘I’ve got this habit that every hour on the hour I undo a button after midnight,’ he said.

‘I’ve looked down at my watch and it was about two o’clock so I’ve undone my buttons and on comes my favourite ever song, Pitbull’s Give Me Everything.  

‘I start dancing to this song and I undo my button and I turn to Harry and I start to try undo his buttons and I get a tap on the shoulder saying “time to move on mate”. 

‘I looked at Harry pleadingly, he’d waved them away the first couple of times and he sort of just said nice to meet you and off I went. You can’t manhandle the prince!’ 

The next morning, Brown initially believed he’d got away with breaching club curfew scot-free.

‘One of the coaches came up to me and said “Did you break curfew last night?” I said “Nah nah”, he goes “So you weren’t at Excess last night?” I said “Nah nah”,’ Brown recalled. 

‘He goes “That’s funny because as I was walking through the crowd to go to the bathroom with the chief executive and a couple of the coaches, I looked up and I saw you. Then as we get a bit closer we see you in a booth with Prince Harry, how do they know each other?”

‘So he took them the long way to the toilet and they never saw me until now I suppose!’

Brown was happy to be part of Prince Harry’s weekend. 

‘He’s probably smart to offload me when he did otherwise there might’ve been a lot more trouble!’ Brown quipped.

The father-of-one played 159 games for Hawthorn and 46 for the Suns after they joined the AFL in 2011.

His career ended when he was sacked by the Suns in late 2013 after he broke a teammate’s jaw in a fight during a US pre-season training camp.

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