Afghans’marry off’ BABY girls to avoid starvation as the country’s economy collapses.


Afghans’marry off’ BABY girls to avoid starvation as the country’s economy collapses.

Since the Taliban gained control of the country in August, the economy has collapsed, and horrifying accounts have arisen of poor parents marrying off infant girls to live.

According to UNICEF, genuine reports of families giving daughters as young as 20 days old for future marriage in exchange for a dowry surfaced last week. According to UN organizations, Afghanistan is on track to become the world’s greatest humanitarian crisis.

They claim that millions are on the verge of hunger, and that 97 percent of homes in the country would be poor by the middle of next year.

Families are responding to the crisis, according to women’s rights groups, by marrying off their daughters to minimize the number of mouths they have to feed and to obtain dowries, which range from (dollar)500 to 2,000 (£374-1,495).

When Western forces left Afghanistan in the summer, the Taliban quickly seized control.

Afghan assets overseas were blocked as a result, and most international help to the government was discontinued.

Fazal, an Afghan kiln worker, claimed the economics had forced him to choose between marrying off his daughters or starving his family to death.

After turning over his 13 and 15-year-old daughters to men more than twice their age, he received a (dollar)3,000 (£2,242) dowry payment last month.

He told the Thomson Reuters Foundation that if the money runs out, he may have to marry off his seven-year-old.

“I didn’t have any other options for feeding my family and paying off my debt.” “What else could I have done?” says the narrator. Fazal explained.

“I’m hoping against hope that I won’t have to marry off my eldest daughter.”

The incidence of child marriage in Afghanistan is expected to roughly double in the coming months when the Taliban returns.

“It paralyzes [my]heart hearing these stories,” Wazhma Frogh, an Afghan women’s rights activist, said.

“This isn’t a relationship. It’s rape against children.” She told Reuters that she hears about cases every day, most of them involve girls under the age of ten — but it was unclear whether the kids were forced to have sex before puberty.

Daughters were also being forced to pay off debts for their families.

When a tenant’s rent was not paid, Ms Frogh highlighted a situation in which a landlord took the tenant’s nine-year-old daughter.

“The number of patients has increased dramatically as a result of malnutrition,” she continued. People are starving and unable to feed their children due to a lack of resources.

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