Afghans perish after hanging to a jet to flee the Taliban.


Afghans perish after hanging to a jet to flee the Taliban.

THREE stowaways were filmed yesterday plummeting hundreds of feet to their deaths while clinging to a military jet as it took off from Kabul. The soldiers were keen to get out of Afghanistan before the Taliban took power.

The sight of the trio tumbling into the air was just one of several terrifying images to emerge from a chaotic day at Kabul’s airport. As the UK, US, and other Western governments attempted to remove their citizens from the country, at least ten individuals were killed in chaotic situations.

Two armed Afghans attempting to board a jet are claimed to have been killed by US troops.

Several groups were observed clinging to the fuselage of a military transport plane, while others clung to the massive plane’s undercarriage systems.

As a US airplane rose into the air and proceeded to a cruise speed of roughly 500mph, horror video footage captured from the runway showed individuals plummeting to their deaths.

Thousands of scared residents gathered on Hamid Karzai airport to watch the awful scenes.

Some Afghans attempted to board transport planes by chasing them down the runway, and machine gun fire could be heard as civilians fled across the tarmac into the airport.

Apache attack helicopters were employed to clear the runway so that jets could take off, hovering low to get panicked bystanders out of the way.

People were seen scaling the surrounding walls of the airport and leaping over rows of barbed wire on their approach to the runway.

Flights were halted Friday night as US and UK soldiers attempted to retake control of the airport. Rustam Wahab, who was heartbroken, remarked on Twitter yesterday night, “I’m honestly in tears right now.” My aunt’s neighbors were two young boys who died while hanging to US jets.

“Both 16 and 17-year-old boys have been returned to their parents.

“To survive and provide for their mother, both boys would sell watermelons at Kabul markets and eat from the garbage.

“The two boys were the only children of their mother. She is alone and has no idea how she would survive under the Taliban regime.”

The shambolic images added to the US and UK’s humiliation over their handling of the troop departure and subsequent collapse of the Afghan government.

Two armed men were shot and killed, according to senior US military officials. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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