Afghanistan’s Prime Minister praises the Armed Forces after a miracle baby girl is born on a humanitarian flight.


Afghanistan’s Prime Minister praises the Armed Forces after a miracle baby girl is born on a humanitarian flight.

Boris Johnson has claimed that Britain will be “forever grateful” to its Armed Forces for their bravery in assisting 15,000 individuals fleeing the Taliban.

As the last flight left Kabul, the Prime Minister sent a message to troops assuring them that their 20-year mission in Afghanistan was not in vain. It follows the announcement that a baby girl was born on one of the evacuation planes bound for Birmingham. The Prime Minister also honored our Afghan allies’ sacrifices and announced Operation Warm Welcome, a programme to assist them in settling into their new life in the UK.

His statements came as Britain’s envoy to Afghanistan, Sir Laurie Bristow, boarded the final jet out of Kabul in the most dramatic hours of the largest military withdrawal since WWII.

The transport plane was carrying twice as many people than it was allowed to.

“It’s time to bring this part of the operation to a close,” Sir Laurie stated.

“However, we haven’t forgotten about those who have yet to depart. We’ll keep doing everything we can to assist them.

“We haven’t forgotten about Afghanistan’s brave and decent people. They have earned the right to live in peace and safety.”

Strains of Richard Wagner’s Ride Of The Valkyries could be heard resonating from the transport plane’s speakers during the last C-17 trip to return troops of 2 Para yesterday afternoon. The soundtrack is the regimental song, which was made famous by its appearance in the war film Apocalypse Now.

Brigadier Dan Blanchford and his commanding officer, US Marine Corps Brig Gen Farrell Sullivan, exchanged handshakes to commemorate the end of Britain’s 20-year presence in Afghanistan. The UK managed to evacuate almost 15,000 individuals in a stunning evacuation attempt.

It was the largest military evacuation in the United Kingdom since the tiny ships evacuated the British Army from Dunkirk during WWII.

5,000 British nationals and their families, more than 8,000 Afghan former UK personnel and their families, and a large number of severely vulnerable Afghans were among those evacuated on more than 100 RAF flights.

A total of 2,200 children were rescued, the youngest of whom was born aboard an aircraft taking her Afghan mother to Birmingham. Eve was the name of the tiny girl. It this happened against the backdrop of a continual danger of attack following a suicide bombing last week. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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