Afghanistan’s Armed Forces Minister is certain that Al-Qaeda would not destabilize the Taliban.


Afghanistan’s Armed Forces Minister is certain that Al-Qaeda would not destabilize the Taliban.

The UK believes that AL-QAEDA terrorists are biding their time and waiting for the world spotlight to shift away from Afghanistan.

Militants are unlikely to design or carry out assaults in the near future, according to Defence Minister James Heappey, because it would renew discussion about Western operations.

Mr. Heappey believes that Al-Qaeda, the terrorist organization that carried out the 9/11 attacks, will not “act against the Taliban’s interest.”

“The main threat to the UK’s national security posed by NATO’s withdrawal from Afghanistan and the new Taliban rule will be the extent to which terrorist groups utilize Afghanistan once more to plan operations against the West in general – and the UK in particular,” he added.

“The Taliban’s and Al-future Qaeda’s connection is still unknown. However, they are unlikely to act against the Taliban’s interests in the short run.

“We do not believe the Taliban have any plans to carry out attacks outside of Afghanistan.”

If extremists develop a foothold in the country, the United Kingdom and the United States have threatened they will strike.

Mr Heappey acknowledges that ISIS-K, an affiliate of Islamic State that carried out the explosion at Kabul airport, will aim to establish in various sections of the country and provide “shelter for its fighters.”

This has sparked a power struggle between the organization and the Taliban, who are both seeking to enforce strict Islamic law.

In addition, the UK expects the IS offshoot to continue attacking the Taliban in order to “inflame social and ethnic divisions.”

Zabihullah Mujahid, the government’s deputy minister of information and culture, said the Taliban is actively “hunting down individuals who are causing disorder” in the country. Since assuming power following a wave of strikes, Taliban fighters have murdered a number of ISIS-K terrorists.

“We don’t differentiate between Islamic State and Americans,” stated Taliban intelligence officer Safiullah Haroun.

“They’re both the same.” We finish them wherever they rise up.”


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