Afghanistan: An attack on bombers near Kabul is launched by the United States.


Afghanistan: An attack on bombers near Kabul is launched by the United States.

A SUICIDE vehicle bomber was murdered by a US missile strike at Kabul airport yesterday as he was planning a second ISIS-K attack.

The defensive move was verified by Washington, which also emphasized their intention to avenge 13 of their soldiers who were slain among the 170 people killed in last week’s blast.

Officials say a drone-launched missile took out the bomber in a vehicle loaded with explosives, but no civilians were injured.

The strike happened two days after another drone strike near the Pakistan border killed two senior ISIS-K leaders and injured a third as they travelled in a tuk-tuk.

Because of an ongoing “particular, credible danger,” President Biden advised all US citizens to flee the area surrounding the airport.

Despite Mr Biden’s desire to prevent “a new conflict in Afghanistan,” US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said forces remain ready to attack. The President will “speak to his commanders about whatever combination of weapons and capabilities they need to get the people who attacked our troops,” he continued.

“We’ll keep taking over-the-horizon strikes like the one we had over the weekend.

“We’ll look into different options for pursuing these individuals and removing them from the battlefield.”

After last week’s devastation perpetrated by the Afghan branch of Islamic State, Mr Sullivan underlined that the situation facing troops and 300 US nationals waiting to be evacuated was exceedingly dangerous.

“Based on what we’re seeing in intelligence, we’re at a period of serious danger,” he warned.

“At the President’s command, we are taking every possible effort to secure the safety of our personnel on the ground.”

He claimed that intelligence operators are “very carefully tracking” the potential of attacks on US soil, but that ISIS-K lacked the capabilities. “We are convinced we hit the target we were going for,” another official stated of yesterday’s military assault. According to initial reports, there were no civilian injuries.

“The presence of a large amount of explosive material was revealed by secondary explosions from the vehicle.” Later, images emerged of the missile-targeted burnt-out truck surrounded by bomb-damaged homes.

However, three youngsters were murdered in a US drone strike last night that targeted a van carrying “several suicide bombers” on its way to the airport.

“Brinkwire Summary News” does not say whether the children killed in the accident were in the car with them.


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