Afghan “heroes” who served in the British army will be rehoused in a UK city.


Afghan “heroes” who served in the British army will be rehoused in a UK city.

Staff from AFGHAN who worked for British soldiers in Afghanistan would be moved to a UK city with their families.

The Home Office has taken steps to assist staff who were frequently exposed to perilous conditions during the crisis, including translators, interpreters, and clerks. Since 2013, they have been praised as heroes for saving British lives.

They’ll be based in a number of cities, including Plymouth and Devon, which have strong military ties.

“I am very happy that Plymouth is set to become a part of this scheme,” said Councillor Vivien Pengelly, cabinet member for homes and communities at Plymouth City Council.

“These individuals are heroes.”

According to Plymouth Live, the families will be assisted in adjusting to their new life in the UK. They’ll receive assistance with schooling and job placement, and after five years, they’ll be eligible to seek for permanent residency in the UK.

The scheme builds on the success of a previous project that brought 16 families to Plymouth between 2014 and 2016.

“The courage they have shown in assisting our troops in Afghanistan among challenging communities is properly being rewarded,” Cllr Pengelly said, “and I look forward to bringing them here to Plymouth to join our friendly armed forces family.”

On the internet, the action has been overwhelmingly praised.

“These soldiers put their lives on the line to help the British and should be offered a safe haven,” one Facebook user remarked.

“Absolutely 100 percent agree with this, they should be welcomed with open arms,” commented another. They’ve aided in the rescue of numerous forces personnel.”

“This is fantastic!” exclaimed a third.

Some users on the internet, however, believe that British heroes and homeless British citizens should be prioritized.

“This is further burden on the welfare system and public pot,” one social media user said.

“I don’t see Plymouth City Council genuinely creating council dwellings for the folks who are currently here,” another added.

“However, what about our veterans?” said a third.


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