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A&E nurse reveals how to use Haribo to check if a child has a broken bone in their face

A MUM has revealed a piece of useful advice passed on to her by an A&E nurse when she rushed her four-year-old to hospital following a fall.

Netmums editor Wendy Wood, from Surrey, took to Facebook to share the tip after her daughter, Grace, fell in the playground on her first day of school.

The little girl was left with a bruised eye and cheekbone and when Wendy arrived at the hospital, a nurse in A&E told her how she could check if her daughter had broken a bone in the future.

“Nifty mum-trick I learned today from a brilliant A&E nurse,” Wendy wrote on Facebook.

“If your child has bashed their face and you’re worried they may have broken a bone, give them a Haribo to chew.

“If they can’t chew it, get to A&E sharpish!”

Several parents rushed to share their views, with the post having over 250 comments and 2,000 shares already.

Many mums and dads were divided, however, with one commenting: “Mmmm not quite sure I’d be relying on this.”

While another said her son would “still eat it even with a broken cheekbone”.

One mum agreed, writing: “You’re joking! She’d chew the hell out of a sweet – broken bone or not! And crawl to get one with a broken leg!”

One person, who explained she’s a paediatric first aider, was not impressed with the nurse’s advice, commenting: “Or just take a child to A&E and let them decide?

“If a child came in with a facial injury like the picture I wouldn’t offer a sweet I would go to A&E and I’m a TA and paediatric first aider in a school.

“As the injury was at school they should inform you as a parent to get her checked at A&E as well.”

Others, however, were impressed with one calling it a “genius idea”.

One mum commented: “I will try this thanks, it will save me hours.”

While another said: “I feel this might be something to remember in the future!”

And another wrote: “I think we could use this info with our clumsy kid!”

Despite the mixed opinions, it’s always best to seek help from a medical professional if your child does suffer from a fall.

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