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Adorable snaps of cats and dogs at war shared by pet owners from around the world

THESE pups just really are not feline it when it comes to cats.

One big dog cowers on a chair to escape from four kittens.

Another gets it in the neck, while a third is stared out.

It seems the feisty moggies have the upper paw.

Pet owners from around the world have shared their adorable snaps of cats and dogs at war.

These pictures prove the two species really are at war.

In one shot, a gang of kittens look ready to pounce on a terrified dog who has leapt onto a nearby chair in a bid for safety.

Another image shows a brave moggy going nose to nose with a pooch more than twice its size.

In one adorable shot, a grey haired cat looks like an annoying sibling as it holds its rival by the throat.

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