Adorable moment when a rescue dog is overjoyed to see his owner.


Adorable moment when a rescue dog reacts ecstatically to his owner’s return.

WELCOMING A RESCUE DOG INTO YOUR FAMILY CAN BE AN EXTREMELY REWARDING EXPERIENCE – and a pup who has been given a second chance at life will thank you for the rest of their lives, if this video is any indication.

The touching TikTok video depicts a faithful dog waiting for her owner throughout the day.

“My husband rescued this dog, and now she waits for him to come home every day,” reads the caption.

The dog is seen waiting in a long driveway in the video posted by @alexcooperfrankford, her gaze fixed on the bend in the road where she knows her owner’s car will appear.

The dog can be seen lying down in various positions in the driveway as the hours pass, never leaving her watchful position.

As her owner’s car approaches, the dog leaps to her feet, wagging her tail and jumping around in delight.

She then turns and sprints back toward the house, as if she’s trying to break the good news to her other owner, who is filming the video.

On TikTok, the adorable video has over 11 million views, with one commenter calling it “the best thing I’ve ever seen!”

Others praised the video as proof of the incredible bond that rescue dogs can form with their owners.

Another person commented, “Rescue dogs know you saved their lives!”

Dogs’ unwavering devotion to their owners knows no bounds, and they can even save our lives, as this brave pair of dogs demonstrated when they raised the alarm after their owner collapsed while out for a walk.

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