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Adorable moment daughter of a doctor asks Australians to stay home for the sake of her dad

The three-year-old daughter of an Australian doctor serving on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic has begged her fellow countrymen to wash their hands and stay home, so she can ‘kiss her daddy’ again when he returns.

Garth Small, who works as a paediatrician on the Gold Coast, has been clocking in lengthy hospital stints for months, with his wife Hannah, 28, daughter Evaliah, three, and nine-month-old son Arlo missing him at home.  

To amplify how important it is that Australians heed the government’s warnings and stay at home, Hannah filmed an adorable video of Evaliah asking people to uphold social distancing and self-isolate as much as possible.

‘Listen up, I need your help. I miss my daddy. He’s at work helping the sick people. He’s more likely to get coronavirus to keep us all safe,’ the blonde tot said the camera.

‘He’s there to keep my nanny and poppy, grandma and grandpa, and great nanny and poppy safe… and for everyone. I would like to visit and play with them.’

Evaliah, dressed in a pink tutu costume and settled on the carpet, continued by saying that ‘no one is immune’ from COVID-19.

‘We need to work together as a team, and wash your hands, stay inside and sanitise. I need you to respect the boundaries and help to flatten the curve,’ she said.

‘Stay inside, wash your hands and sanitise… so I can kiss my daddy again.’

At the end she is joined by Arlo, who stares straight ahead as she whispers: ‘Think of my daddy’.

The footage, which was uploaded on Wednesday, has quickly gone viral with more than 133,000 views on Hannah’s page. 

Hannah added her own message alongside the video directed at Australian’s failing to take the pandemic seriously.

‘Our healthcare professionals are putting themselves on the frontline and risking their own health to keep us all safe,’ she said.

‘If you have the ability to stay home and isolate then please do. We need to stop the spread and flatten the curve. 

‘Nobody is immune, however I’m scared for my parents and my grandparents as well as my husband who will be surrounded by the virus. Do the right thing and don’t wait for the government, it will be too late.’

The video is reminiscent of a similar one shared by Zoe Foster Blake on Tuesday, where her young daughter Rudy says she will ‘scream’ if people don’t stay at home.  

Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison has asked the nation to stay home unless they are visiting the supermarket, chemist or are part of the ‘essential’ workforce. 

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