Adopters are put off by his size, so the ‘gentle giant’ dog will spend his second Christmas in kennels.


Adopters are put off by his size, so the ‘gentle giant’ dog will spend his second Christmas in kennels.

A RESCUE dog may have to spend his second Christmas in kennels because of his size, which has turned away potential adopters.

Basher, a two-year-old Bull Mastiff crossbreed described as a “gentle giant,” weighs 60 kilograms and stands nearly six feet tall when standing on his hind legs.

He’ll be spending his second Christmas with the RSPCA, and rescuers are concerned that his size will cause him to be overlooked.

Basher has been looking for a home for nearly two years, and the charity is hoping to find him a new home in time for Christmas.

After failing to find a home at a number of the RSPCA’s other locations, he was transferred to the Cornwall branch in July.

“Basher was rescued in January 2020, so he has spent almost two years waiting for his forever home,” said Helen Jones, animal centre manager at RSPCA Cornwall.

“Now that this lovely lad is facing his second Christmas in kennels, we’re on a mission to fulfill all of his Christmas wishes and find him the paw-fect home.”

“He’s a big guy, but he’s a gentle giant.”

“He’s a sweet, squishy boy who loves cuddles and forgets his size, especially when he’s attempting to sit in your lap!”

“He is such a sweet boy with the sweetest temperament, so we believe his size is deterring potential adopters.”

“We’re looking for an owner who has had experience with large mastiff breeds and understands that these dogs can be clumsy and messy around the house, but isn’t bothered by the slobber!”

“Because he has a history of chewing sofas, he’ll need someone to be around for the majority of the time at first to help him settle in and learn that it’s okay to be home alone after being in kennels for so long.”

Basher is looking for a home with no cats or other dogs that is only for adults.

He walks well on a leash, but he has a strong personality and gets excited when he sees birds.

As Basher adjusts to his new home, the behaviorist at the center is available to help adopters.

“Basher is such a wonderful young man who will make a fantastic addition to the right family,” Ms Jones continued.

“Any potential adopters should think about what kind of dog, including size, will suit their lifestyle.”

“All dogs, however.”

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