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Actress Jane Seymour reveals she’s quarantining in a Sydney hotel

Jane Seymour has become the latest Hollywood star to seek refuge in Australia amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph on Tuesday, the 69-year-old actress revealed she’s been quarantining in a Sydney hotel room after flying in from the US recently.

The veteran actress is set to film the upcoming movie, Ruby’s Choice in Sydney, and said she was ‘very grateful to be able to work in Australia’.

Speaking about life in quarantine, Jane revealed she hadn’t been given any special treatment and said she was ‘fine’ with it.   

‘I can handle it. Seeing what’s happened in California I’m so impressed by the way Australia is dealing with it. I have total respect for whatever inconvenience it may be. It’s obviously worth it,’ she added.

But she admitted arriving in Sydney amid the current pandemic ‘was scary at first’.

‘They take you off the aeroplane and you honestly feel like a criminal. It’s very frightening,’ she recounted. 

‘They put you on a bus like a prisoner and they have police and armed guards.’

After arriving at her hotel for quarantine, Jane confessed she was hoping she’d be given a room with harbour views, but said that wasn’t the case. 

‘I got all excited thinking I might see something of Sydney but they put me in a back room with a wall and a bit of sky and everyone else gets to look at Darling Harbour. But not me,’ she added.

The only time she got to leave her hotel room was after she injured her leg while exercising, and needed to be rushed to hospital.

Jane said the nurses were ‘very nice and they are the only human beings I’ve seen since I’ve been here’.

Her arrival comes after Dannii Minogue and Nicole Kidman infuriated incoming travellers by being given special permission to quarantine in the comfort of their homes.

After returning to the Gold Coast from the US earlier this month, Dannii, 48, and her 10-year-old son, Ethan, were granted an exemption on medical grounds.

Meanwhile, Nicole, 53, and husband Keith Urban were allowed to quarantine at their $6.5million estate in the Southern Highlands after flying into Sydney from the US with their two daughters, Sunday, 12, and Faith, nine, on Monday.   

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